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rays of reflection by ssilence

For starters, great work! Its an amazing shot! I'm always told by other photographers to put the main subject of interest in one of the...


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Jonathan "Shutter" Hosking
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
I've been interested in Photography since I was 13, and I've decided that I want to try make a career out of it. I have worked as a freelancer for a couple of local businesses, and even a major newspaper. I mostly shoot public events, but also portraits and nature/landscape shots.

similar to the last entry; back in the same groove i was in before. the employed groove i mean, not the unemployed one. that sucked! currently i'm currently relaxing with my friend new friend James, -son Irish Whiskey. Quite a nice drink but i think I'll stick with my darling Bacardi Oakheart, or my side chick Southern Comfort.

Enough about my possibly unhealthy drinking habit though. time for a rant!

recently in australia, police, both federal and local, found a worrying amount of explosives at a suburban house in the South East. Now any amount of explosives in private hands is cause for caution and/or concern, but the man who was arrested and charged also allegedly had floor plans of various train stations around the Sydney CBD. things stepped up from a serious illegal explosive charge to a potential terrorist attack (a story that was surprisingly quick to pass through most news rooms but anyway).

now ever since that particular saga, now about 3 weeks old, bomb threats have been popping up everywhere! several in Sydney and Melbourne, one in Brisbane (which indecently turned out to be the real deal) and even a bomb threat that forced a local girls school into lock-down here in Toowoomba.

My observation is this; people see the amount of attention that this kind of thing attracts, and want of piece of that particular pie. it seems that screwing around with the emergency services is fun to some people; these are the same people i put into a list just below week old rubbish. the whole "prank" is a waste of the emergency services involved, not to mention my tax dollars!

another similar trend that has been doing the rounds lately, particularly in the US, is Swatting. to give a summary, some moron with a mobile phone , dials the local police reporting a shooting or hostage situation in a nearby home. the police naturally will kit up in their armoured padding and weapons, and converge on the suspect house. instead of finding a psychopath with a knife to little Timmy's throat, they'll find a perplexed home owner wondering why he staring down gun barrels.

so far, this potentially lethal prank has been occurring only in the United States. but that changed today when a possibe "Swatting" happened in Brisbane this afternoon. A 15 year old was allegedly involved in a hostage situation in one of the outer suburbs. A special tactical unit along with the dog squad was dispatched to the location and a large cordon was set up to keep people away. after several hours it was revealed to be a hoax.

a waste of police time, valuable resources and tax payer money. all because someone wanted a laugh. this is all probably to show the police in a bad light, which leads onto my next point.

a current bandwagon the Australian public is trying to jump onto is police corruption and brutality; which is a good and bad thing. on one hand, bad cops are routed out by their more competent and honourable peers and judged and tried accordingly. the bad thing is that this causes people, including several close friends of mine, to accuse all police of being corrupt and that the suggest whole current system should be torn down.

to suggest that all police are police are corrupt is showing an kind of arrogance that really annoys me. my experience with police is minimal. (my philosophy is the police have a job to do, and i'd rather not be that job!),  i've gotten a speeding ticket once before, and even then the cop was more exasperated than angry that he had pulled over yet another idiot (me) who can't heed to a simple speed sign. i see police as public servant, someone who will stand between me and danger should it ever arise. should i ever confront a "bad" cop, and being a photographer i probably will, i will condemn his actions, not the actions of the entire police force in general.

now just as a disclaimer; i am speaking as an Australian citizen, i will pass my opinion only on Australian police. i will not be swayed by the action by any other county's law enforcement, which is something many people are trying to do. i understand that other countries may have a "police problem", but i believe Australia is not one of those places.

end rant

"deep breath"

i think im ok now. moving on to photos!

i had my first card failure last weekend, which unfortunately coincide with my first attempt at star trails. i also had some epic bonfire shots all well, so to put it frank; i was PISSED OFF! the interesting thing is that card is cactus, as in completely dead, no computer program will read it. i'm going to contact sandisk on advice soon. the good thing is, me and my friends often go camping, so ill be able to show off some star trails soon enough.

till next time!

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Sat Aug 9, 2014, 12:51 AM


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